Malaria: Causes of Malaria and Prevention of Malaria.

What is Malaria?

Malaria is a disease that is caused by parasitic germs present in the infected mosquito.
These germs are so small that we can not see them. Malaria fever is caused by a virus called plasmodium vivex.
What is Malaria?

Causes of Malaria:

Malaria is caused by bites of an infected female mosquito named Anopheles.
Only the mosquito can transmit malaria fever to a person, who has previously bitten a person infected with malaria. This virus breaks the liver and breaks its ability to work.

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1.) Every year in India there are more than two lakh deaths due to malaria.
2.) According to the World Health Organization, 2,05,000 deaths occur every year from malaria.
3.) The effect of this deadly disease affects most children. Within a few years of the birth of 55,000 children, malaria sufferers get into grip.
4.) Thirty thousand children die of malaria between five to 14 years.

5.) 120,000 people aged 15 to 69 do not even survive this disease. Generally malaria is caused by bacterial infection of the mosquito.

The Symptoms of Malaria:

  • High fever
  • feeling too cold
  • Sweating too much
  • To be headache
  • Pain in the body
  • Geeling and vomiting
  • Sometimes symptoms are repeated every 48 to 72 hours.

Prevention of Malaria:

  • Keep mosquito-donation sleep and keep in mind that there is a cleanliness around.
  • Usually, the malaria mosquito bites only in the evening.
  • Spray the mosquito killer inside the house. Use the Mosquito ReplayLent machines.
  • Close doors and windows of the house. Use ac and fan, so that mosquitoes do not sit in one place.
  • Wear clothes that completely cover your body and its color should be light.
  • Do not go to such a place where there are bushes or where water is found. Because there can be mosquitoes. 

How to Protect Your Children from Mosquitoes-

How to Protect Your Children from Mosquitoes

If you have small children in your home then they need special care.

Know ways to save children from mosquitoes-

1.) You put some pieces of camphor in the camphor stand and burn it. The mosquito will run away from its smoke. Carefully burn the camphor on the stand so that it can burn for a long time.

2.) Mosquitoes always run away from the sharp odor. For this, grind the onion and garlic, filter it and mix its juice in water and fill it in a bottle of spray and then sprinkle in the whole house. The mosquito will run away shortly.

3.) Burn the celery powder in mustard oil and burn it. Mosquitoes run away from its smoke. Also safe for your baby.

4.) You can use cream, roll-on stick, wipes, lotions, mosquito repellant machine. It has many advantages. It protects your children both inside and outside the home.

5.) For babies over two months old, use such restrictions, where elements like DEET and picaridin are present.

6.) Sleep the children in mosquito nets and keep the house clean.

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