Yoga Mudras And Its Benefits.

Yoga Mudras

Yog Mudra is a group of physical movements that change the person's mind, attitude and direct knowledge. Yoga mudra works to flow energy into special parts of the brain. Usually, many elements present in our body are not in a balanced state, due to which various diseases occur in the body and the person suffers from mild to severe problems. Yog mudra in such a condition works to balance the five elements of the body and helps keep the whole body healthy.

yoga mudra asana.
Yoga Mudra Asana

Types of Yog Mudra

1-Gyan Mudra

                                           Yoga Mudra benefits.

How to do Gyan Mudra

  • First put a mat on a clean and flat place.
  • Now sit in the Padmasan or Vajrasana.
  • Put your hands on the knees and the palm of the hand should be towards the sky.
  • Now touch the forefinger finger and turn it round and touch with the thumb.
  • Keep the other three fingers straight.
  • Gyan mudra can do with both hands.
  • Also pronounce ohms together
  • Take away all the thoughts of the mind and focus your mind on Om only
  • Turn off your eyes and breath regularly.
  • It takes advantage of at least 30 to 45 minutes throughout the day
  • Such a pose can be practiced at any time, but during the morning or evening practice of this pose is more beneficial.

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Benefits of Gyan Mudra:

  • Regular practice of Gyan Mudra can get rid of all mental disorders such as anger, fear, grief etc.
  • Intellect and memory power increase.
  • Concentration increases.
  • Body's immune system increases.
  • Enlightenment is attained.
  • The mind gets peace.
  • It is a use currency for people with insomnia, headache, and migraines.

2-Vayu Mudra:

                                                     Yoga Mudra benefits.

How to do Vayu mudra 

  • First put a mat on a flat and clean space.
  • Now like Vajrasana, bend the knees of both feet and sit down.
  • Turning the index finger to the palm, press the first parake with the thumb.
  • Keep the all fingers straight.


Benefits of Vayu mudra:

  • Those who do not digest food or gas disease,They should do this pose with the asana for 5 minutes after eating food.
  • By doing this mudra, the problems of arthritis, cytica, gas pain and paralysis are removed.
  • By daily use of vayu mudra, the pain caused by gas in the body ends.
  • Pain in the waist reed and other parts of the body is also gradually removed.
  • Pain in the neck from the air pose goes away in a short time.

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3-Aakash Mudra:

                                         Yoga Mudra benefits.

How to do Aakash mudra

  • Sit in padmasana or sukhasan
  • Keep breathing speed normal
  • Touch the tip of your middle finger with the tip of thumb and press lightly.
  • Keep the rest of the three fingers straight.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breaths.


Benefits of Aakash mudra

  • Akash Mantra removes heart diseases.
  • The heart develops.
  • Bones weaknesses are far away.
  • Beneficial in joint disease.
  • Knee pain, swelling etc. are far away.

4-Zero Mudra:

                                              Yoga Mudra benefits.

How to do Zero mudra

  • Spread the mat on a clean and flat place.
  • Bend the middle finger of the hand and lighten his forearm slightly.
  • Keep the other fingers straight.

Benefits of zero mudra:

  • Ear pain remove by doing zero mudra.
  • If there is deafness in the ear, then this mudra should be kept between 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Many diseases of the ear get rid of.
  • By continuing with this posture, ear cures are also cured.

5-Earth Mudra:

                                             Yoga Mudra benefits.    

How to do Earth mudra

  • To get the Earth posture, first sit down in the Padmasan or Sukhasan
  • Keep your palms on the thighs and focus on breathing.
  • Now add your ring finger to the tip of thumb.
  • Do not put too much pressure with both hands.
  • Keep the remaining three fingers straight and upwards.
  • The specialty of this mudra is that you can do it anytime.

Benefits of Earth mudra

  • Earth mudra enhances the 'Prithvi element' in the body. That is why physical weakness is removed.
  • Laziness is dispelled and the body gets energized.
  • This mudra also improves digestion.
  • This mudra help to increase concentration.
  • This mudra is helpful in weight gain.

6-Sun mudra:

Yoga Mudra benefits.

How to do Sun mudra

  • To be able to do sun mudra, first sit in Padmasan or Sukhasan.
  • Put both of your hands on the knees and keep the palms upwards.
  • Now, first turn the ring finger into the root of the thumb. Press and hold slightly with thumb.
  • Keep the rest of the three fingers straight.
  • This mudra that is formed like this so this is called sun mudra.

Benefits of Sun mudra

  • Cholesterol decreases by doing the sun mudra twice a day for 15 minutes.
  • This currency is beneficial in removing swelling of the body.
  • Regular practice of this mudra removes mental strain and fear, mourning are dispelled.

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7-Varun Mudra

                                            Yoga Mudra benefits.

How to do Varun Mudra

  • First sit in Padmasan or Sukhasan.
  • Keep the bone straight and keep both hands on the knees.
  • The smallest finger (Kanishka) of the hand is considered a symbol of water element.
  • The combination of water element and fire element (thumb) together changes.
  • Combining the front of the small finger and the front part of the thumb becomes 'Varun Mudra'.
  • Keep the rest of the three fingers straight.

Benefits of varun mudra

  • Varuna mudra destroys all the diseases caused by lack of water by balancing the body's water element.
  • Varun mudra is beneficial in inflammation of the pain and intestines in the stomach acne.
  • The practice of this posture ends with excessive sweating from the body.
  • By regular practice of Varuna mudra, blood is purified and skin disease and stubbornness of the body are removed.
  • This posture maintains the body young. It is also beneficial in making the body flexible.
  • Making Varuna mudra is very cool to be thirsty.

8-Apan mudra

                                             Yoga Mudra benefits.

How to do Apan mudra

  • First of all sit in Sukhasan or Vajrasana.
  • Keep the both hands on  knees, keep the palms above and keep backbone straight.
  • Press the middle finger and ring finger together with the fingers of both fingers and thumb.
  • Keep index finger (finger near thumb) and junior finger straight.

Benefits of Apan mudra

  • The body and nerves are purified.
  • Constipation is removed
  • This is useful for hemorrhoids
  • Insomnia is far away.
  • Diabetes is far away.
  • The defects of kidneys are removed.
  • Dental defects and pain are removed.
  • Relieves the heat of the body by sweating.
  • The heart makes powerful.

9-Prana mudra

                                                  Yoga Mudra benefits.

How to do prana mudra

  • First, sit in Vajrasan or Sukhasan.
  • On the tip of the thumb of the cornice and ring finger (the smallest and its nearest fingers), the prana mudra becomes paired.
  • Keep the remaining two fingers straight.

Benefits of Prana mudra

  • Prana mudra gives strength and energy to our life force.
  • This mudra proves beneficial in the eye and lung disease.
  • This reduces the deficiency of vitamins.
  • There are several types of benefits that can be received by regularizing this currency every day.

10-Sankh Mudra

                                             Yoga Mudra benefits.

How to do Sankh Mudra

  • First, sit in Vajrasan or Sukhasan.
  • Hold the thumb of left hand in the right hand.
  • Now add the index finger of the left hand to the front of the thumb of the right hand.
  • Hold other fingers of right hand slightly from the other fingers of the left hand.
  • After a while, by changing hand do this pose again.The thumb pressure in this posture stays on the middle of the palm. By which the navel located in the palm and the center of thyroid gland.

Benefits of Sankh mudra

  • Naval disorders are cured by this posture.
  • Long-term practice of this posture removes the defects of speech.
  • The sweetness and quality of the voice increases.
  • Soreness of the throat is relieved.
  • The function of the Muscular Digestion Institute starts smoothly.
  • Intestinal diseases are cured.

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