Benefits of Yoga Mudrasana.

Yoga Mudrasana

Yoga Mudrasana is the further extension of Padmasana.

yoga mudrasana.
Yoga Mudrasana

Let's follow the steps given below to do Yoga Mudrasana-

Initial situation-

  • Sit down in Padmasana and take your both arms behind the back.
  • Hold the right wrist with the left hand.
  • Lean forward, leaving the breath and bring the forehead or chin to the floor.
  • In this final state, you can breathe normally and keep on leaving it. 
  • Keep this position for 5-10 seconds.

yoga Mudrasana
Yoga Mudrasana

Back in the former situation-
  • Lift up your body while breathing, leave your hands and fill your breath and get in the initial position.

Remember the following points-

  • Keep the back straight while bending
  • Bend as much as possible
  • Do not drag the body beyond the capacity.
  • Do not shock the body.

Benefits of Yoga Mudrasana:

  • This asana brings a pull in the spinal cord and makes it flexible.
  • It improves digestion power.
  • This helps in increasing concentration.
  • It makes the spinal muscles healthy.


  • Cardiovascular problems people with back problems should not do this posture.

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