Best Yoga for Heart Patients.

Best Yoga for Heart Patients:

The heartbeat is stopped after listening to this word 'heart disease'. Heart disease can cause death of humans. Therefore every person is afraid of the name of this disease. Only the imagination of this disease stops the heartbeat. This is also an important reason for this disease.

According to the figures currently available, about 60-70% of the people who died due to various diseases were due to heart disease.There are many reasons for heart disease. But the root cause of this is that the blood vessels supplying blood in the heart are suddenly narrowed. Because now it is seen that there is a severe setback of heart disease even if there is no lump in the vein. The important reason for this is mental stress.

yoga for heart.
Yoga for heart.

There is no other alternative than yoga to keep mental stress in control. Today we are going to tell you about these yoga which will be of great benefit to heart disease.
Even more closely related to heart disease and death, there should be more close relationships in heart disease and yoga. The person suffering from heart disease reaches near death but if this is reached near yoga then death can be kept away. Even if yoga is adopted even before heart disease, heart disease can also be kept away.

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Yoga for Heart-

1- Yog Nidra:

The most important and important for heart disease patients is relaxation. The only way to do this relaxation in the most effective way is the Yoga Dormancy. In this process, the body is kept completely inactivated so that, after severe heart attack of heart disease, taking medicines and resting, this process can be done. In the state of relaxation, the speed of sleep goes down from 18 to 16.
But in Yoga nidra, this speed falls below 18 to 10. Therefore, instead of resting, the concentration of the heart becomes extremely reduced due to Yoghindra.

How to do Yog nidra:

  • Yoganidra is done for about 45 minutes.
  • Lie down on the back to sleep yoga
  • Cover your body with a thin sheet.
  • Yoga should be done in a quiet environment. Choose a private room for Yognidra where there may be no sound during yognidra.
  • External noise can cause sleep disruption.
  • Air should not be fast in the room, but keep in mind that the room should not be closed.
  • The ground should be flat and should be done by laying a mat on it.
  • Yoga is done by closing the eyes. Keep the lights in the room slow. The bright light stimulates the brain and the mind is not centered in the hood.
  • You should wear loose clothes during the yondriuper.
  • Do not do yoga after eating.
  • Yoganidra should be done 3 hours after eating.
  • Choose a certain amount of time daily for yoga sleep, because the mind and body are ready to do yoga at the same time each day.
  • During sleep, the body becomes very relaxed, due to which there is a possibility of sleeping. If there is a sleep, there is no harm, but the benefit of Yoga Inspiration is not obtained. So keep in mind that sleep does not come.
  • We must warn the brain in advance. There will be some difficulty in the initial state of Yogananda, but due to regular practice, there will be no difficulty in Yondhundra.
  • There will be many kinds of thoughts in the mind while yoga. Thoughts will also come against our will and yoga will hinder sleep. Fighting with these ideas is the best way to ignore them. By not thinking of these ideas, it will gradually decrease and after some time it will not come into meditation.
  • At this time a resolution has to be taken 'My heart disease is recovering now, and I have become completely healthy'.
  • If this determination is done at the beginning and end of the process, then through this process, there will be progress towards the resolution of the resolution on the basis of the growing mental strength of the patient.
  • After this assumption is confirmed, 'I am definitely doing good', the patient definitely feels good. On the contrary, 'I am fine, it is no longer possible', patients with such a condition reduce their age by becoming re-hearted, hence the mental strength of the patient Yoga is definitely increased by the practice of sleep.
  • Heart disease is physical disease and medicines continue to be cured. These drugs are used only in some quantities, but in reality the body only improves the body.
  • Drugs perform supplemental work for this task. The mind also has a lot of support in this work. In this work it is necessary to help the body, give inspiration.

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Yoga for Heart.


Yoga is like sleep, the process of helping the patient is only pranava sadhana. Pranav means 'Omkar'

This practice can be done by chanting Pranav and listening to Pranav chant. After this, Omkar's attention can also be taken further.

Happen the patient Omkar. Or even if you hear the cassette of Om chakra, the expected results can be obtained. The vibration that is generated from the chanting of Omkar only falls in the ears of the patient, but also influences his body. The heart of the patient, while listening to Omkar, starts to concentrate on it automatically. By which the body starts to relax. Due to vibration, there is a sense of pleasant sensation throughout the body.

Along with the body, the result of Omkar is also on the mind. Hearing of Om chanting makes the mind stable The restlessness of the mind is low. The calm state of mind reduces mental and physical stress of the patient. When listening to Omkar, the mind remains stable. But at the same time he becomes absorbed in Omkar. Whereby he forgets all other things except Omkar.

 'I have heart disease my treatment is being done'. All these things forget the patient. By which the tension of the mind decreases. Due to which the heart disease starts recovering quickly.
Omkar is a monochrome seed mantra. The power in this can not be described in the language of science. But it can be experienced by our body and mind.

3- Purak and Rechak Pranayam:

There is no need to sit in any special posture for this exercise.
Lie down on the back.
Bend the two feet to the knees and place the soles on the ground near the waist.
Turn both hands toward the top of the head.
In this condition, leave the body loose by relaxing the body and concentrate the mind on the respiration.
Slowly start slow but long respiration by controlling respiration.
Considering this, do not worry, supplemental and laxative pranayam will do it for a long time.
4 seconds supplement and 8 second laxative can be increased in this way.

Supplemental (4 seconds) from left nostril, laxative (8 seconds) from the right nostril (4 seconds) after the right nostril and laxative (8 seconds) from the left nostril. Keep doing this as frequently as possible.
The proportion of supplements and laxative should be 1: 2.
Through this practice, the heart gets sufficient rest and it helps in its functioning normal.

Foods to Avoid-

1 -Do not eat intoxicants - 

By consuming these things, they enter the blood through the lungs. And cause faults in the body. The higher the quantity of these things, the side effects of them will be equally serious. More of these things means to buy diseases, therefore, all these types of recipes should be barred from perfection.

yoga and heart health.


2 - Do not work sitting -

It has been observed that cardiovascular diseases are more common in those who sit in one place throughout the day. Therefore, those who have to sit and do the work must do the yoga work.

yoga and heart health.

3 - Reduce obesity -

If body weight is more than normal, then the body needs more power to function. And the entire body and heart have to work more. Thereby increasing the chances of heart disease. Therefore, every person should try hard to make his weight more than normal.

yoga and heart health.

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 4-High blood pressure-

If a person has high blood pressure then the way to build this blood pressure is by heart only. And there is constant tension on it. Due to hypertension, the internal skin of the arteries is damaged and the substance like calostrol accumulates there. It also increases blood pressure and also causes cardiovascular disease when there is strain on the heart.

yoga and heart health.

5- Diabetes-

In diabetes mellitus, blood sugar levels increase. This increases the density of blood and the heart has to use more power to get this blood out of the heart. Because of this tension, muscles of the heart begin to feel tired soon. Thereby increasing the chances of heart disease.

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