Best Yoga Asanas for Acidity and Gastrics.

Yoga asanas for acidity and gastrics:

Yoga Asanas for Acidity and Gastrics.
Yoga Asanas for Acidity and Gastrics.


1-Baddha Padmasana-

Binding Padmasana is made up of two words. Bandh means 'tied' and the Padmasana means 'flower of lotus'.

 Let's follow the steps given below to to baddha Padmasana- 

  • First of all, spread the legs and sit on the floor.
  • After this, lift the right leg on the left foot of the thigh
  • And lift the left foot and place it on the right foot.
  •  In this situation both knees should be adjacent to the ground.
  •  Now holding the right hand behind the back, holding the thumb of the left foot with the right hand.
  •  Then holding the left hand behind the back, holding the thumb with the right hand from the left hand.
  •  In this stage both hands become in the position of the cross.


  • Padmasan is better than meditation but Padmasan is very good in terms of health benefits.
  • By doing this posture, the abscesses of stomach go away and it becomes straightforward.
  • Padmasan has the full benefit when liver increases.
  • By doing this asana removes stomach disorders.
  • By doing this asana, the stomach gas, indigestion etc. are removed.
  • Continuing this posture does not always lead to acidity.
  • The practice of this posture should be practiced from approximately half to 1 hour.
  • By 2 or 3 minutes this posture will not benefit.
  • This seat can be extended from 2 minutes in the beginning to 3 minutes per week.

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