Best Yoga Poses for Uppar Back Pain.

Best Yoga for back pain.

The problem of back pain arises due to sitting or standing for most of the time.
The problem of waist pain arises due to work for a long time in bending position. Such problems mostly occur in women. Women work in the house for long periods of time. Therefore, they have to face much of the problem of lower back pain. Yoga is considered to be best for treatment of back pain. You can get rid of the problem of back pain by Yogasana forever.

Yoga for Uppar Back Pain.
Best Yoga poses for Uppar Back Pain.

Today we are going to tell you about some such yoga. By continuing you will never have to face the problem of back pain. 


Yoga for Uppar Back Pain.


  How to do utkatasana:

  • Stand first in front of you.
  • Both feet, knees, heels and claws must be met among themselves.
  • Both hands should be on the waist.
  • If it can pull the stomach in something inside it will be even better.
  • Tearing the stomach into the inside, keeping the body straight while kneeling, the body slowly tilted backwards.
  • In this way, such as sitting on a chair, come in that situation.
  • When the waist comes in front of the knees, then it becomes stable in that situation.
  • After doing a good practice for a few days, you can become stable even by the strength of the toes.
  • If there is more pain in this situation, you should leave the asana.

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  • Due to the stretch of the foot muscles of this posture,
  • Muscles are pure and strong.
  • This posture improves the foot weakness.
  • Those who have rough feet,
  •  It should be practiced in a good manner.
  • With this posture, the fat of the feet quickly ends.
  • This posture is very beneficial in the back pain.
  • This posture is also very beneficial in thigh disease.

2-Gulf Janghasana:

Yoga for Uppar Back Pain.


How to do Gulf Janghasana:

    • First of all sit on the asana and spread your legs.
    • After this, folding the left leg with knee and his heel place in the root of the left thigh
    • And keep the claw straight at the front.
    • After this, folding the right leg knee and his heel place in the root of the right thigh.
    • And place the right foot's claw over the left foot's claw. 
    • Now straighten both knees.
    • After this, keep the hands straight on the knees, so that the fingers of the hands touch with the ground outside the knees.
    • Put your vision in front of you and keep the body straight.
    • This asana can be done from 5 minutes to 1 hour. 


    • With this posture the senses gain a lot of benefits and they are very strong.
    • This posture is very beneficial for back pain.
    •  Due to pulling the thighs muscles their blood flow is clean.

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