Best Yoga Poses for Slim Thighs.

Best Yoga Poses for Slim Thighs.

 As the body develops fat, each part of the body starts to thicken. Due to increase in fat, fat does not increase in the stomach only, obesity also increases in waist, shoulder and thigh.
If you have too much fat in the thigh, then you can slim your thigh with the help of yoga. With the help of Yogasan, described below, your thigh will soon be slim.

Dwipad Shirasana:

How to do this asana:

  •  First of all sit in the Padmasan.
  •  After this lie lie down on the back
  •  Put the coaches of the hands together on the ground.
  •  Raise the neck upwards
  •  Now hold both feet with both hands.
  •  Raising both the stomach and waist part, keep both legs behind the neck.
  • First, place one foot behind the neck. Similarly, keep the other leg behind the neck.
  • Put both feet behind the head like a pillow is placed.
  • Do both hands in the posture of greetings.
  • The whole body should stay on the strength of bits.

Necessary things:

  • In the beginning, it will be difficult to go to the neck while doing this posture. So do not rush fast.
  • Do a little bit of trying to get the feet behind the neck every day.
  • By practicing for a few days the feet will reach the neck.
  • When you start doing this easy, Then this seat can be done from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.


  • By this posture you can reduce the fat in addition to the thigh.
  • If there is any flaw in the thigh pact, then this posture is beneficial.
  • Doing this posture leads to stretch of the legs, thigh and neck muscles
  • This asana increases the amount of hemoglobin in the body.
  •  This posture is beneficial for anemia's patient.
  •  This posture increases the digestive system.
  •  It increases the body's flexibility.

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