What is The History of yoga?

The History of Yoga:

Yoga originated in India thousands of years ago.Its origins arose due to the desire for happiness and relieving the sufferings of the world.

Yoga history, Is yoga a religion.
The History of Yoga

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What is Yoga and Importance of Yoga?

Surya Namaskar Steps and Benefits.

According to Yogic Janashruti, Shiva is considered the founder of yoga.many coins and zodiacal remains of the old Indus Valley civilization in 2700 BC indicate that in ancient India the yoga was in vogue,but the systematic mention of yoga is found in yoga philosophy of Patanjali Maharishi.

Patanjali organized yoga practices .After Patanjali, many Yogis have contributed to the development of yoga, as a result Yoga has spread throughout the world.In the same sequence, on December 11, 2014, the United Nations General Assembly passed the resolution of celebrating International Yoga Day on June 21 with the consent of 193 members.


Purpose of Yoga practice:

•Develop an understanding of compound practice and understand this
Use in the way of living.
• Develop healthy habits and lifestyle in children.
• Developing human values ​​in children.
• Develop physical, emotional and mental health through compound practice.

General guidelines for Yoga practice: -

  • Yoga practice should start with a quiet mind, which is a small Prayer can be obtained by speaking.

  • It is necessary that the body performs the composite compound; Eg - folding ankle,
  • movement of fingers, hand tied, wrist turning, wrist aroma, elbow,
  • Folding, shoulder swinging and eyes  Must be prepared by suggestion. Its
  • Later sunnames can be practiced.
  • Regularity in practice with both physical and mental views of yoga necessary.

  • There is a need for patience for yoga. Do not be disappointed if you can not do it.

  • Do not succeed in adhering to the right rule of conduct.

  • You need to stay firm in your efforts. Must succeed with time
  • Will meet.

  • Do not compete, but rather collaborate. The spirit of competition is fixed in the path of yoga
  • There is an obstacle in the form. Competitions
  • Ignore while Yoga helps us rise above our importance.

  • Compound practice should be learned only in the guidance of an inexperienced teacher.
  • Most asanas, pranayama and actions in empty stomach or in very small stomach
  • Should know Before starting these exercises Bladder needed .

  • The time of sahah is best for yoga, but it is a lunch After three hours the evening can also be done with an empty stomach.

  • Yoga should not be done in a hurry or when you are tired, should not.
  • Choose a good airy, clean, unstable area for compound exercises.
  • Yoga should not be done on a rigid surface. Vertical, mat or blanket for this work
  • Can be used.
  • Bathing before exercise is fine. The person, the cold of the season take hot water, can work.

  • The clothes should be loose and comfortable while doing yoga.

  • Respiratory should be as common as possible. This does not change when Unless specifically asked not to do so.

  • Yoga practices have limitations. If you are suffering from any problem or chronic disease, then before starting yoga about this Be sure to educate your teacher.

  • Yoga should be done on the basis of edge theory. preliminary stage In, easy actions should be taken. Later it can be more difficult to be done. So start with simple compounds and
  • Then gradually upgrade
  • Move towards action.

  • Do not combine compound practice with other physical activities in the same session. These are two different types of activities and can be done separately.

  • Yoga has a broad meaning. Therefore, in addition to asana and pranayama in the life of a person, ethical and ethical values ​​should be brought into practice.

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