Respiration Yoga Method and Benefits.


Respiration is an important process. This is lifeboat for our lives. Respiration involves breathing and exhalation. We know that we take oxygen gas in to breathe and through exhalation we take out carbon dioxide. This process continues uninterrupted over day and night. But we do not know this. We do not even know if we breathe properly or not. So we should try to know how to breathe. This awareness will help you breathe correctly.

Respiration Yoga.
Respiration Yoga

Let's follow the steps given below to do Respiration-

  • Sit in a practical exercise like Padmashana, Svastikasana.
  • Put the palms on your knees and close your eyes. Breathe normally.
  • Pay attention to your breathing.
  • Now breathe slowly slowly and fill the chest with air.
  • The chest will bloom and the resulting diaphragm (in the middle) will go down towards the stomach, due to which the stomach will blossom.
  • Now breathe slowly, so that the lungs become empty. While leaving the breath, the chest will shrink and the diaphragm will move towards the hollow place (thoracic cavity) inside the chest. Abdomen will shrink. This is a cycle. Practice five cycles. 
  • In this way you will be aware of your breathing and will also learn to breathe correctly.
  • To return, now breathe normally, remove your hands from your knees, open your eyes and come in a relaxed state.

Remember the following points-

  • Just focus on your breathing.
  • Breathe very slowly and leave out when you observe general respiration
  • Do not make any changes if you are doing.
  • Do not stay in too much stress in the beginning.


  • It will generate awareness about the respiratory pattern.
  • This will help in taking more oxygen and releasing more carbon dioxide out.
  • It will help in the blood transfusion.
  • It creates peace and reduces chit.
  • This helps in increasing concentration.

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