Vajrasana Steps and Benefits.


Vajrasana makes the body strong like thunderbolt. Vajra means hard and the weapon of Indra is called Vajra. is a naturopathic condition. This is the only such asana which can be practiced immediately after taking food. Vajrasana makes the body strong like thunderbolt. Vajra means hard and the weapon of Indra is called Vajra.

Vajrasana Steps and Benefits.
Vajrasana Steps and Benefits.

Let's follow the steps given below to do Vajrasana - 

 Initial Position

  • Legs straight up, put the arm on the floor next to the body.
  • Turn the left leg on the knee and move the leg under the left hip.
  • Similarly, fold the right leg and keep the foot under the right hip.
  • Keep both ankles in such a way that the claws cover each other.
  • Place the hip in the middle of the ankles.
  • Place both hands on front knees.
  • Keep the spinal cord straight, keep eyes open or close. In starting you
  • Stay in the state for 10-15 seconds.

Come into pre-condition -

  • To return to the starting position, lean slightly to the right and remove your left leg and spread the front.
  • Similarly, the right leg stretches in front and hands should be on both sides of the body, Come back to the initial position.
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Remember the following points- 

  • Backbone should be in the state.
  • The ankles should be outwards and the hip should stay on the ankles.
  • Do not turn forward or backward.

Benefits of Vajrasana:

  • It is the focusing asana and helps in attaining concentration.
  • This is help to improve our digestive system.
  • It makes thighs and legs strong.
  • Vajrasana increases the semen strength of men.
  • Vajrasana improves the irregularity of women's menstrual cycle.
  • Vajrasana strengthens the spinal cord.
  • Vajrasana loose the stomach fat.
  • After eating you should sit for a while in vajrasana.
  • This posture removes indigestion, gas, constipation, etc. from the body.
  • With this posture slowly and deep breathing, the lungs are strong.


  • Those who are suffering from old knee pain, they should not practice vajrasana.

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