Shavasana Yoga steps and Benefits.


Shavasana is a traditional relaxation situation.This is a condition to relax. It eliminates fatigue and brings peace and harmony by resting the body and mind.

This condition is called Shavasana because it contains, the person's body looks like a dead person. Sanskrit language word Shav means 'dead body'.

Shavasana benefits.
Shavasana Yoga and Benefits.
Let's follow the steps do Shavasana-

  • Lie down from back on the floor. The legs are at a distance from each other and keep the hands around the body at a distance of about six inches.
  • The palms were upstairs and the fingers were closed naturally and the eyes closed.
  • The respiration should be very slow, not anyone should know that you are breathing in 8-12 inches. The head should be kept straight.

Remember the following points-

  • Stay in a relaxed state, providing the least obstacle for gravity-stretch.
  • Continue to focus on natural respiration.
  • Keep breathing as naturally as possible. Also note the sensation of air tension inside the stomach movements and nasal walls. Keep the eye closed during the exercise. Do not let any part of the body tense.
  • Do not shake any part of the body during practice.
  • Do not pay attention to ideas and experiences.
  • Do not bend the head left to right.
  • Do not be excited at the time of practice.


  • It reduces fatigue and stress.
  • It relaxes the muscles.
  • It makes sense of freshness.
  • Increases energy levels in the body.
  • Develop peace with harmony.


  • If a person has low blood pressure or depression, then he should not practice this.

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