Yoga to Improve Your Concentration.

How to improve Your concentration:

You know that Concentration is the act of constant attention or consideration on one subject. This is the most basic requirement for getting anything in life. This is also necessary for school lessons, home work. Concentration can be improved by developing harmony between body and mind.We know that our brain can not efficiently work without healthy body, in the same way our body can not efficiently work without healthy mind. Therefore it is necessary that we develop harmony. Here our feelings play important role. If we can control our emotions, then it will be easy for us to get a better concentration of mind.In this context Yama, Rule, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara and Yoga practice of Meditation play an important role. These exercises can definitely help you in increasing  concentration. 

Yoga For Concentration
Yoga For Concentration

Yoga For Concentration  


Padamasana is a mixture of the two words 'Padam' and 'Asana', Padam means lotus.The position of sitting in this asana is like a lotus. It is a posture of meditation.

Yoga For Concentration
Yoga For Concentration

Let's follow the steps given below to do Padmasana -

Initial Position

  • Sit on the floor.
  • Fold the right leg slowly and place the right leg on the left palm near the pelvic bone. The right shoulder should be pressurized on the lower part of the stomach.
  • Turn the left leg carefully carefully and keep it on the right thigh. The heels remain in the pressure making position on the lower part of the stomach. Make a knowledge position with your hands.
  • For knowledge position, fold the index finger and join its end to the tip of the thumb. Keep the remaining fingerprints straight.
  • Put the hands on the knees in the knowledge position. Keep the body straight and make this situation
  • Keep it

Pre-status -
  • Remove the left leg from the thigh and then remove the right leg and come to the initial position.

Remember the following points -

  • In the extreme condition, knee should be touching the floor.
  • Keep the head and backbone straight and keep shoulders relaxed.
  • Keep the arms loose in the extreme condition. Do not tilt forward or backward in a precise position.
  • Do not keep any clutches in arms.


  • This posture is useful for concentration and memory power increase.
  • This is a peace provincial
  • It is useful for digestion.
  • Keep flexibility in the legs.


Yama is the principle that gives us a philosophy that how to behave in society. 
Five types of controls are
  1. Nonviolence
  2. Truth
  3. Octogenarian 
  4. Celibacy
  5. Apathy


There are five compliance points in the rules. These are - 
  1. Cleanliness
  2. Satisfaction
  3. Tenacity
  4. Knowing yourself
  5. Devotion and reverence to God.
By Yama and Rule, the person develops love and kindness, feeling of contentment, peace of mind, equilibrium and harmony with himself and with society. Yama and Rule develop our control over the brain, By which meditation is focused better.


Asanas are physical specific status, which are done by coordinating the movement of the body and respiration. As a result concentration increases. Asanas are body conditions or currencies.
They are made in standing positions, lying on the back of the abdomen and lying on the back, these asanas provide multiple benefits. They keep us physically and mentally healthy. Asanas are also helpful in controlling stress and improving overall performance of body. It is very important that you be alert while doing asana. Also, keeping the person in the asana should keep the body loose.


Pranayam means the expansion or spread of breath. It regulates our respiratory system. It increases the supply of oxygen in the brain. With this, our brain works better and reduces anger and anger. Pranayam makes the mind calm and increases the concentration of mind.


Pratyahar is an important yoga, Because it helps us to increase concentration. In the withdrawal we control our indentures of wellbeing, eyes, tastes and touch. You know that we have five sensory organs - eyes, ears, tongue, nose and skin.We get constant stimulation from these sensory organs. Some of them distract us emotionally. As a result, we can not focus on anything. Therefore, it is necessary that we choose the right things. If we choose the right things, then our time and energy will survive and our concentration will also increase.


Meditation comforts our body and mind. In meditation, we focus on concentration continuously for some time on any object and point. It helps us increase our ability to concentrate. It also enables us to control our emotions and enhances harmony. These yoga exercises help us to reconcile body and mind, Thereby improving the performance of concentration and mental work.

yoga for cocentratrion.
Yoga For Concentration


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