Bhujangasana Steps and Benefits.


Meaning of the Sanskrit word bhujang means 'Cobra' is a snake. In this posture, the body looks like a cobra, that is why it is called Bhujangasana.

Bhujangasana steps and benefits.


Follow the steps given below to do Bhujangasana -

Initial condition

  • Lie down on the stomach.Visit Put together the claws and axes and put the forehead on the floor. Both hands turning keep under the shoulders.
  • While breathing, gradually raise the head, chin, neck, shoulders and chest with the help of up to the navel.
  • Raise your head, bend it backwards.
  • Now turn the arms to the elbows, interlock the palms.
  • Put your chin in the middle of the palms.

bhujangasana benefits
Bhujangasana steps

 Pre-status -
  • Open the brochures and place the palm around the shoulders.
  • Bring the chest, shoulders and head down to the floor while leaving the breath. Relax in initial situation.

Remember the fallowing points:

  • Take breath easily.
  • Practice this posture without any inconvenience, according to your appropriate capacity.
  • Do not force unnecessary for posture.
  • Do not flick while turning the body backwards, because it can harm the muscles.


  •  It helps to remove neck and jaw pain.
  • This condition gives comfort to the body and keeps the backbone and neck healthy.
  • It maintains the flexibility of the spinal cord.
  • It is very useful in asthma.
  • It helps in relaxing the mind and body.
  • By doing this posture, there is flexibility in the back.
  •  This posture is very good for purification of the lungs.
  • This posture can be cured of asthma, chronic cough and lung related illness.
  •  This posture decreases fat stomach.
  •  By doing this asana arms are strong.
  •  This posture removes constipation.
  •   By doing this asana, the back bone gets relief.
  •   Having this posture brings a lot of emphasis on the face.


  • Do not do it in the condition of hernia and abdominal pain.

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