Siddhasana Yoga and its Benefits.


Sanskrit word Swastik is made of two words. The meaning of Su is 'Auspicious' and the meaning of  Asti is 'to be'. Thus  swastik means to be auspicious or healthy. In Indian culture, the Swastik is also considered as auspicious symbol.

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Siddhasana Benefits.

Let's follow the steps to do Svastikasana-

Initial position -

  • Sit straight by stretching the legs side by side.
  • Place the left heel with the right groin.
  • Place the right heel with the left groin.
  • Place the toes between the thighs and the piglets. Sit and keep your backbone straight.
  • Put your hand on the knees in gyanmudra.  For coming in gyanmudra bending your index finger and joined to the end of the thumb. It's a swastikasana. Keep this condition for 10 seconds.
Siddhasana Yoga and its Benefits.

Pre-status -

  • Free the hands and place them on both sides of the side of the body. 
  • Spread the right leg on the ground in front.
  • Open the left leg and bring it back to its predecessor.
  • Sit in the initial state.
  • Repeat the position of the foot and change the position.


Remember the fallowing points:

  • In the extreme condition backbone should be straight.
  • Arrange the legs in such a way that knee stay on the ground.
  • Do not take unnecessary force to come to the position.
  • Do not bend backwards.

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  • It helps to concentrate on the mind.
  • It makes the ankle joints strong.
  • This condition increases the flexibility of knee joints and ankle joints.


  • Suffering from sciatica or knee joints and ankle joint pain people should not do this posture.

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