Akarna Dhanurasana yoga method and benefits.

Aakarna Dhanurasana:

This Pose is  also known as Archer's Pose. In this Yoga your hand and leg look like archer preparing to release arrow.

Akarna Dhanurasana.
Akarna Dhanurasana

First method:

  • First of all sit in a seat. After this, spread both legs straight to the front.
  • Then bend the two thumbs together with both hands bent forward.
  • Hold the left toe with the right hand and grab the right toe from the left hand.
  • Take the right toe with your right hand and move it to your ear.
  •  Stay in this position for a while.
  •  In this stage, right toe is mixed with right ear and left toe with left ear.
  •  After this, spread the right foot towards the front.
  • Similarly, holding the toe of the left leg with the left hand should be taken to your ear.

 Second method:

  • After more practice, you can hold the left leg with right hand and the right leg with the left hand.
  • Now holding the right leg straight, bring the left leg down from the right hand and meet toe of the left leg from the right ear. Just as the bow is pulled to the ear.
  •  This asana can be done with both legs.
  • This asana can be done by holding the right leg toe with the left hand and left leg toe with the right hand.
  • In this stage, right toe is mixed with left ear and left toe with right ear. 


Remember the following things-

It is a bit difficult to do this posture in the beginning. There will be a little problem in the beginning but gradually practicing it can be done easily. It is difficult to start janushirasana at the beginning and it is even more difficult to touch the ear with legs. Therefore, in the beginning, should not try to touch the foot with the ear.
This seat can be extended from 1 minute to 8 minutes.

Benefits of Akarna Dhanurasana :

  •  With this posture, the nerves of the hand and legs are especially pulled and clean.
  •  By doing this posture, they get relief from the faults of the knee thigh and limbs.
  •  This easy proves to be beneficial for cough, asthma and TV patients.
  •   The problem of constipation is removed by doing this asana.

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