Yoga for Knees and Hips.

Yoga for Knees Pain:

You can do this yoga to relief knees pain. And also for this yoga pose yon can loose extra fat from your hips.

Kanda pidasana:


  • First of all, both legs spread out.

  • After this, move one leg of the hand to the stomach and slowly close it on the stomach. Likewise, holding the paw of another leg and putting it next to the first leg.

  • Take both legs on the stomach and mix their claws together.

  • The soles of the feet continued side by side.

  • The body should be taut.

  • Both leg knees should be stuck on the ground.

Benefits of this asana:

  • It is the place of power from where all Nadia is born.

  • By doing this asana, there is a complete stretch of the muscles of the stomach and due to pressure on them, the Kundalini increases strength.

  • This posture causes knee diseases to be destroyed.

  • Doing this asana the Gonorrhea is pure.

Safety Precautions:

This posture is very difficult. Because the feet have to rotate in it. Therefore, this seat should be done very carefully. Trying to do full posture, there is a complete possibility of loss.

Prior to sufficient time, only the legs should be used to rotate. When the feet begin to rotate without difficulty, their eddy and claw should be turned back onto the stomach. It should take full action of this posture in about 2 months. After this, the exercise of 1 to 5 minutes can be extended.

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