Gomukhasana Steps, Benefits and Precautions.


Sanskrit word Gau means 'cow' and mokh means 'mouth'. In this posture, the position of the legs looks similar to that of the cow's face, hence it is called Gomukhasana.

Gomukhasana Benefits.
Gomukhasana Benefits

Let's follow the steps given below to do Gomukhasana:

Initial Status-

  • Sit in the state of relaxation by spreading the legs forward.
  • Bend the right leg to the knee, move the right foot to the left and place it near the left hip.
  • Bend the left leg to the knee Move the left foot to the right and place it near the right hip.
  • Move the left arm over the left shoulder and move the right arm back to the back
  • Visit Push the fingers of both hands together with each other.
  • In this situation sit for 10-15 seconds.

Back in the former situation-

  • Open the fingers and bring your arms beside the body.
  • Open the left foot and spread the front.
  • Open the right foot, spread out and come into the initial position.
  • Repeat this procedure by changing the arms and legs conditions.

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Remember the following points-

  • Edges should touch the buttocks.
  • Put the knees on top of each other.
  • Keep head and neck straight without bow.
  • Look at the front of the front.
  • Do not bend the buttocks to the ankles Turn the edges outwards.
  • Do not let the knees rise up.


  • It enhances concentration and creates inner peace.
  • It helps in fixing distortions such as bending shoulders.
  • It is beneficial to improve lung capacity.
  • It is useful in rheumatoid arthritis.
  • It removes backache, ciliate and normal tightness of neck and shoulders.


  • Patients suffering from hemorrhage should not practice this asana.

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