Ardha Shalabhasana Steps, Benefits and Precautions.

Ardha Shalabhasana

This situation is a converted form of the Shalabhasan. The Sanskrit word Shalabh means is 'grasshopper'. In Shalabhasana, the body looks like a shape of grasshopper. In this asana half of Shalabhasana is appiled. Hence it is called Ardha shalabhasana.

Ardha Shalabhasana
Ardha Shalabhasana

F0llow the steps given below to do Ardha Shalabhasana

Initial condition -
  • Lay down on the floor with stomach,
  • The arms spread all over the body and the legs spread all over.
  • While keeping the knee straight, raise the right leg as high as possible to the right leg and keep this condition comfortable for 5-10 seconds.
Ardha Shalabhasana

 Come back Pre-status -

  • Gradually lift the raised leg to the ground.
    Similarly, raise the left leg as slowly as possible and maintain this condition for some time (5-10 seconds). 
  • To get rid of the situation,get down your leg on the floor and relax.

Remember the fallowing points:

The legs should be raised up to where until the penis is not scratched.
Chunks should be kept on the floor in the entire asana.
Do not let the knees turn while raising the leg one by one.
Do not push yourself too much.
Avoid shocks and unbearable stresses.

Benefits of Ardha Shalabhasana:

  • This asana improves the back muscles of the legs.
  • It improves the health of the abdominal organs.
  • Shalabhasan is a good exercise for leg, thighs, buttocks, lower abdomen and cervix


  • The person suffering from ulcers, hernia, cervical lungs and cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure should consult a yoga expert before doing this posture. 

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