Uttanpadasana (Raised Foot Pose) Steps, Benefits and Precautions.

Uttanpadasana (Raised Foot Pose):

Sanskrit word uttan means 'pull' and 'Paad' means 'leg'. In this asana, the legs are raised upwards. So this pose is named Uttanapadasan(Raised Foot Pose). This is a traditional situation.

Uttanpadasana (Raised Foot Pose)

Let's follow the steps to do Uttanpadasana:

1-First Method- 

One-Leg Uttanasana:


Initial condition -

  • Lie behind the back on the fioor.
  • The legs were mixed together, the hand was beside the body and palms held on the floor.
  • Lift the left leg up to 30, 45 and 60 degrees by filling the breath and keep this condition for 5-10 seconds.

Come in Pre-status -

  • Bring the leg gradually to the angle of 45 and 30 while leaving the breath and then bring it back to the floor.

2-Second Method-

Double-Leg Uttanasana:                         

Initial condition-

  • Lie down on the back.
  • The legs are mixed together, the arm rests on the floor and palms besides the body.
  • While lifting the legs, breath slowly raise both legs up to an angle of 30, 45 and 60 and maintain this condition for 5-10 seconds.

Pre-status -
  • While breathing, bring both legs up slowly at an angle of 45 and 30 and then on the floor. 


Remember the following points:

  • It puts pressure on the lower part of the abdomen and produces contraction so it should be practiced carefully
  • Keep the body and head straight on the floor.
  • Keep arms, legs and shoulders loose.
  • Do not turn the knees while lifting the legs upwards.
  • Do not let the body wobble and do not let it shock.

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Benefits of Uttanpadasana-

  • This posture is beneficial for constipation, indigestion, neuralgia and diabetes.
  • It makes muscles of the stomach strong.
  • It saves the nervous system.


  • If there is any back related disease, do not practice this posture together with both legs.


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