Ardha Padmasana(Half Lotus Pose) Yoga Steps and Benefits.

Ardha padmasana

Ardhpadmsana also took a meditation.This asana, one leg on the front thigh and the other leg under the thigh is done by arranging this. Ardhpadmasana is called as because half padmasana technique is applied in this position.

Ardha Padmasana
Ardha Padmasana


Let's do Ardhpadmasana by following the steps given below:

Initial position

  • Sit in front of stretching the legs together and i.e. sit for long while sitting.
  • Bend the right leg with knee and place the right foot under the left thigh.
  • Fold the left leg through the knee and place the left leg right above the right thigh.
  • Put both hands on the knee in front of your face and this situation keep up to a comfortable time. 
  • This posture can be done continuously for as long as possible. 

Pre-condition -

  • Leave the Gnammudra and bring your hand beside the body on either side.
  • Spread the left leg back.
  • Spread the right leg and come in a long sitting position.
  • Now change the foot position to the feet by repeating.

Remember the fallowing points:

  •  In the extreme condition, Backbone should be in straightforward position.
    Organize legs in such a way that stay on the knee floor.
  • Do not force unnecessary to come to the position.
  • Do not turn backwards.
  • Do not drag back and in front from backbone.

Ardha padmasana Benefits:

  • It promotes blood transfusion in the pelvic area, which gives benefits to the people of that area.
  • This posture helps to promote a better concentration.
  • It is relax to mental and physical fatigue.
  • Helps in developing harmony.


  • If you are suffering from acne or joint pain and ankle joints do not do this posture.

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