Best Tips for Always Stay Healthy.

How to Stay Healthy Tips?

Every man wants that he is always healthy. And their ages are as old as the great men'age.
Therefore, to remain humble, holy, virtuous, healthy, special attention should be given on the following things.

how to stay healthy tips.
How to Stay Healthy Tips

Fitness Tips of the Day:

  • Your thoughts should always be kept sacred. Dirty thoughts make man powerless.
  • The person should always wear simple and clean clothes.
  • Except of your pride, you should behave humblely with all people.
  • Consistency has a lot effect on every person
  • Therefore, every person should stay in good company. Bad associates make humans appear to be bad and an exception. The thought of good conscience is the well-being of knowledge, wisdom and soul. With such consistency man can be taller than the high.
  • Humans should always read books of life characters of great men.
  • The body should always be kept clean.
  • Bathing should be done daily. As far as possible should be washed with cold water.
  • Drugs causes harm to humans. Drugs are caused by the destruction of masculinity, diminished eyes light, lung malfunction, lethargy, weakness of the brain, cough etc. Therefore they should be abandoned.
  • People should be defeated less than 2 times of the day. It cleanses the stomach and the body remains light.
  • You should not stay awake for long in night and should wake up before the sun rise.
  • Lying after sunrise in the morning, laziness remains in the body. You should sleep daily at 10:00 and get up at 4:00 in the morning.
  • Due to the rising of the morning, the health of human beings works in medicine.
  • Occasionally fasting should be done. By fasting the stool disorders are destroyed. Fasting rules have been made only by our ancient great men.
  • The fast is done for the mental purification of the body, so it is proper to eat a little fruit in the fast. The cereal food in the fast is not right.
  • Man should always take care of his words, utilization of time, conduct customization of the religion and always towards the continuous industry.
  • By reading history it seems that anomalous, ill-disposed having attained freedom and salvation has been attained from the hymns of God.
  • Therefore, except for all the work should be given in God's praises for some time.
  • Man should massage with his body oil. Oil massage is particularly beneficial for human health.
  • Massage is removed from the pain and sprain of the limbs. The body's stubbornness and fatigue are removed.
  • Massaging the body causes heat in the blood and the blood circulation in the body is correct.
  • By pouring oil in the ears and head, headache benefits and eyes increase in the eyes.
  • When the fever comes, do not massage the body.
  • Massage of body mass increases physical strength
  • Increasing physical strength increases functionality. And fatigue is less.
  • Massage makes head and body look beautiful.
  • There is a deep connection with personal health routine. Inside: Every person should make regular routine. Regular routine benefits the person's health, on the other hand man does not let idleness occur.

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