Yoga for Strong Hands and Shoulders.

Yoga for hands and shoulders:

Yoga for Strong Hands and Shoulders.


How to vakasana:

  • First of all sit in Vajrasana.
  • After this, stretch your both hands to the front.
  • Gradually raise your knees to the arms of your hands. Put the whole body weight on your hands with feet.
  • Hand paw should be on the ground. And the whole body should be supported with raised hands.
  • Both leg claws should be found in between.


  • By doing this posture, the strength of hands, arms and shoulders increases.


In this posture, body saw like 'cock'. Therefore this asana is called Kukkutasana.

shoulder stretches

How to do kukutasana:

  • First of all sit in the Padmasan.
  • Tilt your legs as far as possible to the waist.
  • Now put your hand in the treaty of thigh and shin.
  • First put your right hand in the right hand pact and put your left hand in the left hand treaty.
  • Keep both hand claws in parallel.
  • The distance between the two hands should be around 3 to 4 inches. 
  • Both fingers should be in front of the fingers.
  • With the help of hands, lift the body slowly in the air.
  • Thus, with the support of hands, straightening the neck and the back as straight as possible.
  • This seat can be done for 8 to 10 minutes


  • In this posture, the burden of the entire body comes only on the hands.
  • By doing this posture, arms and arms will be strong.
  • It is easy to gain strength of the shoulders.
  • This asana helps keep chest healthy.
  • This asana makes the elbow stronger. 
  • This posture keeps the digestive system right. 


  • The person with high blood pressure should not do this posture. 
  • Those who have pain in their arms and shoulders should not do this posture.


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