Pawanmuktasana Steps and Benefits.


The Sanskrit word 'Pawan' means 'air' and 'free' means 'to leave'. This posture is called Pawanmuktan because it helps to remove the stomach and digestive gas trapped in the intestines.


Let's Follow the steps given below to do Pawanmuktasana-

Initial situation-

  • First lie down on the back of the bench.
  • Both legs should be held together, arms should be resting on the floor and palms beside the body.
  • While breathing, move both feet on the stomach to the knees.
  • Hold the knees in the arms and press them on the stomach.
  • While breathing, lift your head and touch the chin with knees.

Come into the former situation-

  • Bring your head carefully on the floor.
  • Open the arms and bring them to the floor.
  • Straighten the legs and move them on the floor while leaving the breath.
  • Combine legs together, keep your hands besides to the body and relax keep your palms on the floor.

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Remember the following points-

  • It puts pressure on the lower part of the stomach and it produces contraction so it should be practiced carefully.
  • When putting pressure on the chest, both knees must be together.
  • Do not let the body move.
  • Do not be disappointed in the early stages. By practicing it every day you can do it well.
  • If the spondylitis is suffering from pain, do not raise the head.

Benefits of Pawanmuktasana-

  • This posture helps to increase digestive power.
  • This posture helps in dealing with constipation.
  • This posture helps in exiting gas trapped in the stomach.
  • This posture helps to remove excess fat deposited in the stomach.


  • If you are suffering from excessive stomachache or back pain, do not practice this asana.

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