Yoga for Legs and Thighs.

Yoga to reduce buttocks and thighs:

Yoga to slim thighs


In India Vatayan guru was a great yogaguru. So on his name this asana was named Vatayanasan.

Yoga to slim thighs

How to do Vatayanasan:

  • First of all stand upright.
  • After this, bend slightly downwards and lift the right leg with both hands and place it on the left thigh.
  • The claw should be mixed with the thigh and the heel should be slightly stacked in the stomach.
  • Keep the upper part of the waist straight.
  • After this, folding the left leg in such a way is tied to the right foot knee of the left foot.
  • Keep right thigh straight.
  • Do this same asana by changing both legs.Add both hands to the posture of Namaskar.This posture can be done from 1 minute to 5 minutes.


  • By doing this asana, pull the nerves of the feet, due to which blood flow becomes pure and the legs are strong.
  • By doing this asana, thigh is strong.
  • This posture is beneficial for diabetic patients.
  • Pain of the waist and knees is also cured by this posture.

2-Akarna Dhanurasana:

How to do this asana:

  • First of all sit in a seat. After this, spread both legs straight to the front.
  • Then bend the two thumbs together with both hands bent forward.
  • Hold the left toe with the right hand and grab the right toe from the left hand.
  • Take the right toe with your right hand and move it to your ear.
  •  Stay in this position for a while.
  •  In this stage, right toe is mixed with right ear and left toe with left ear.
  •  After this, spread the right foot towards the front.
  • Similarly, holding the toe of the left leg with the left hand should be taken to your ear.


  •  With this posture, the nerves of the hand and legs are especially pulled and clean.
  •  By doing this posture, they get relief from the faults of the knee thigh and limbs.
  •  This easy proves to be beneficial for cough, asthma and TV patients.
  •  DSThe problem of constipation is removed by doing this asana.

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