7 Best Benefits of Eating Basil(Tulsi) Leaves Daily.

Benefits of Eating Basil(Tulsi) Leaves Daily:

Basil(Tulsi) is such a divine medicine plant, which proves to be a medicine for many diseases.
It has been given a special place in Hinduism. How Basil(Tulsi) proves to be effective in reducing human life from diseases, let us tell you about the Benefits of Basil(Tulsi) Leaves.

benefits of eating basil leaves daily

Benefits of Basil Leaves (Tulsi Leaves) -

1.) Tulsi Leaves Improve immunity:

Immunity in the morning increases the immune system by taking empty stomach, basil.

Tips- Drink 5 leaves of basil basil or their juice in the morning. It provides relief from colds and coughs. It also improves the immune system and removes the mental strain of the person.

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2.) Tulsi Leaves benefits in cough:

By consuming green leaves of basil, you get rid of many seasonal diseases such as colds, coughs, colds, fever, child asthma, and headache. cough-

Tips- Drinks made of basil leaves, ginger and black pepper in cold water immediately benefit from drinking. Eating five leaves of Tulsi every day during the rainy season, problems like seasonal fever and colds stay away.

3.) Tulsi Leaves in Respiratory Diseases:

Tulsi Leaves consumption helps to cure diseases associated with respiratory diseases and gum disease. Mouth odor is mostly due to weakening of digestive power. Basil plays an important role in removing the odor of breath due to its properties. In this, due to its natural aroma, it also destroys breathlessness of breath.

Basil Leaves gives relief from the problem of breath. If you are having trouble breathing, drink half of the spoon juice of Tulsi and mix it with honey and drink it will get relief.

5.) Besil Leaves remove swollen lungs:

If a person has swollen lungs, then he has to face many problems. Among them are fever, chest pain, shortness of breath, etc.

Such a person should drink about 15 grams of juice of Tulsi leaves along with prescription medicines in the morning and evening with the advice of empty stomach specialist.

6.) Tulsi Leaves benefits in mouth ulcers:

If a person has been bitten by the mouth, then he should drink juice of Basil leaves or suck the leaves.

7.) The decoction of basil is amazing:

The decoction of basil is quite beneficial. It removes many kinds of diseases.

Drinking honey made with honey, ginger and basil gives relief in asthma, cough and cold.
The decoction of Basil root is dehydrated.

Tips- For this, take 5 to 10 grams powder of basil root and mix it in a glass of water and then heat it until it becomes half. The prepared decoction should be mixed with honey and drink it, it will be of great benefit.

Tulsi Leaves Side Effects -

Basil(Tulsi) should never be consumed with empty milk.
Basil(Tulsi) should not be chewed with teeth, because it is naturally present in the mercury element, which is harmful to the teeth.

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