What is Yoga And Importance of Yoga?

What is Yoga and Importance of Yoga

Yoga is a way of living a healthy life, which originated in India, has been accepted as a style of science throughout the world. Western culture is also accepting it as a style of scientific explanation, though how the origin of Yoga It is not clear, but it is a long-standing tradition.

Introduction of yoga,
What is YOGA and Importance of YOGA?

What is Yoga?

The word yoga is made of the 'युज ' of Sanskrit language. Which means 'mix' or 'add', it can be seen as a combination of body and soul. It is used in the form of instrument along with the target in literature. Yoga as a goal reflects the 'integration of personality'. 

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General Yoga Asanas:  Pranayama, Pratyahar, Shatkarma And Meditatio).

What is the History of Yoga?

Surya Namaskar Steps and Benefits.

In the form of instruments yoga involves various actions and techniques, which are used for the development of this type of development. This is the instrument of processes and technical compound literature and it is well known as Yoga

Importance of Yoga:

Good health is the right of every human being, but this right depends on individual social and environmental factors, primarily with the environmental or social factors. we can develop a better disease immune system and better understanding. so that other conditions may affect us Can not get too much adverse effects and we can get good health.


Health is a positive concept. Positive health is not only free from diseases, but it also includes the immunity against specific agents and the proper development of normal immunity for diseases, as well as the energizing feeling of being healthy. Yoga can play an important role for this because it has huge potential. 

Yoga therapy is one of the most powerful medicinal mechanisms. Health has its own concept. Which many people have scientifically understood and presented. 

Yoga can be adopted as a lifestyle to boost your physical and mental health. If Yoga is started at the school level or helped to establish healthy habits and healthy lifestyle for getting good health. 


At the physical level, yoga helps in the development of strength, stamina, capacity and high energy. It also empowers the individual with mental concentration, calmness and contentment at the mental level, which provides internal and external reconciliation. 

Thus, Yoga aims at the school level for a positive and healthy child's physical, mental and emotional health. Life Style is to be encouraged. 

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