Yoga for Upper Back Pain.

Yoga for Upper Back Pain:

For upar back pain relief, You should do this yoga pose. Help of this yoga  pose, you got to releif for your back pain.


In Sanskrit Ashta means  Eight, Anga means Limbs  and Namaskara means salutation. in English Ashtangasana means 'Eight limbed pose'.

How to do Ashtangasana:

  • Seat in dandasana

  • Feets and Exists Shoulders do not back and down

  • Slowly move your feet under the hip, put both of your hands on the thighs.

  • After slowing your chin on the mat, bring your hands near the chest, elbows upward with.

  • After you keep your toes on the floor, slowly hip up to sky.

  • Close your eyes and slowly breathe.

  • In this condition, keep the thigh waist and stomach upwards.

  • It will be difficult to raise it above the ground in case the stomach is larger, but be sure to try it.

  • Take this posture for at least 1 minute.

  • This exercise can be done for 5 minutes for more practice.


  • This  posture is good for the back pain.
  • This  posture is good for strengthens legs and arms and develop the  chest.
  • This posture is increase flexibility of the spine.
  • This posture  works and improve the muscles of the eight Limbs.
  • Its pressure is on the stomach's senses, which increases the efficiency of the liver, spleen and other digestive senses.
  • With this, the muscles of the chest can be completely loosened due to standing with the ground.
  • And the heart can function freely.
  • No stress is generated on the heart.
  • Due to the body being on a flat surface, there is less stress in the heart.


  • This asana is strictly prohibited for people with  carpel tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure, pregnancy and  neck, shoulder and wrist injury.
  • If the gap between the neck vertebrae has increased, then such patients should not do this asana.
  • Patient patients should not practice this posture without the advice of a specialist.

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