Utkatasana Steps, Benefits and Precautions.


The meaning of Sanskrit word 'Ut' is 'Raised' and 'Cut' means 'Buttock'. This situation, Utkatasana is called because the buttocks in this asana are upstairs. This is also a position of posture balance.

Let's follow the steps to do Utkatasana-

Initial position -

  • Stand straight on the floor.
  • Keep a convenient distance between the feet, about 8-12 inches.
  • Both arms should lift upwards towards the shoulders and the palms should be towards the bottom.
  • Stand on the claws while raising the ankles and gently sit on the ankles.
  • Put your hands on both the front knees. 
  • Maintain this condition for 5-10 seconds
Utkatasana benefits.
Utkatasana Steps

Getting into pre-condition -

  • Keeping the body balanced, keep the hands on the floor.
  • Standing on the claws slowly, while balancing and to raise both of the arms up to the shoulders.
  • Pull the ankles on the ground. The hands are next to the thighs and the feet are connect with each other.
  • Stand firmly on the floor while standing.

Utkatasana Steps

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Remember the following points-

  •   Keep balance while leaving extreme condition.
  •   The upper part of the body in the extreme condition should be straightforward.
  •   In extreme conditions, weight should fall on the muscles behind the thighs.
  •   Do not allow body weight to fall on the ankles.
  •   Do not hesitate forward.

Benefits of Utkatasana(Chair Pose)-

  • This asana enhances mobility of knee joints, ankle joints and hip joints.
  • This is the leg (behind the scenes and pedicle), arms, biceps, shoulders, pelvic and strengthens the lower part of the back.
  • It reduces the fat by adding to the waist and hip and makes body shape good. It is helpful in boosting self confidence.
  • It cleanses in the action of digestive tract.


  •  People who complain about dizziness do not do this asana.
  •  If  your the knee joints and ankle joints have more pain and stiffness, then do not do this  asana.

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