Transcendental Meditation- How to do Transcendental Meditation .

Transcendental Meditation

The regular practice of  Transcendental Meditation presents a solution to many problems of the individual and society. The process of  Transcendental Meditation is very simple, intuitive, and effortless.

It can be practiced all day long by learning about any religion, faith, faith, ideology, family background, caste and gender.

Transcendental Meditation.
Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation can be comfortably sitting anywhere. This method of meditation is certified by both Vedas and Science.

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Certified by more than 700 scientific research worldwide, this is the only way to meditate. Which citizens of more than 100 countries have learned. And experiencing many benefits by experiencing the higher states of consciousness.

How to do Transcendental Meditation -

1,) Take a flower in one of your handfuls.

2.) Keep on chanting the God that you believe in.

3.) You can pronounce the mantra according to your ability.

4.) Each time chant the same mantra.

5.) You will initially realize that your head is moving but this is the first time.

6.) When you close your eyes, there will be many ideas in your mind, do not stop those thoughts, let them come.

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7.) Gradually your mind will calm down on your own.

8.) This state of mind is called meditation.

9.) It will be difficult to get started in the beginning, so it should be done only for 15 minutes. After this you can meditate up to 1 hour.

10.) In the room where you sit for meditation, ignite a lamp.

The Benefits of Transcendental Meditation-

1.) Regular practice of emotional meditation brings perfection in every area of ​​life.
2.) From Transcendenta meditation The intellect sharpening and memory power increases.
3.)From Transcendenta meditation weakness, excitement and irritability are far away.

4.) From Transcendenta meditation increases emotional balance.
5.) Stress and exhaustion are overcome due to deep relaxation of the nervous system.
6.) From Transcendenta meditation is the purification of the nervous system.
7.) People are completely healthy after being in their soul, the ability to fight diseases increases, so that the person is not sick.
8.) From Transcendenta meditation Smoking and drug addiction habits gradually lose themselves.

9.) From Transcendenta meditation, tolerance increases, sense of cooperation increases, tolerance increases, stress anxiety remains away from exhaustion.

10.) From Transcendenta meditation is a complete awareness and development of physical and mental abilities.
11.) From Transcendenta meditation is the suppression of criminal tendencies and negativity.
12.) From Transcendenta meditation, happiness and peace and unlimited joy are attained.
13.) Transcendenta meditation in the world is recognized as a solution to many problems.

14.) From Transcendenta meditation is known as the leading and most prevalent meditation method to relieve tension in the Western world.
15.) In many diseases due to stress, such as diabetes, blood pressure, insomnia, heart disease etc., for the benefit, a large number of Medical Doctor recommends Transcendental meditation.

16.) A recent research has certified that the age of practitioners of Transcendental meditation increases.

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