Sirsasana Steps and Health Benefits of Sirsasana.


'Sirsa' means the Head, and the Asana is used for Yoga. This asana is done by the head, hence it is called as the heading. Sirsasana is also known as Kapalasan. In this, the balance of the whole body is hinged on the head or hands.

Sirsasana benefits.

Sirsasana Steps - How to do Sirsasana

  • First of all to do the heading, then get a yoga mat on a flat spot.
  • Now you sit in the awakening stage. You have to sit in such a way that you have a lot to bend forward.
  • After this, move forward bend and the elbows of both hands on the ground.
  • Add fingers of both hands so that you can support the head.
  • Then place the head slowly between the two palms.
  • Keep your breath normal during this time.
  • Now keep the head on the ground and gradually start the body up and lift, leaving the full load of the body on the head.
  • You have to take the weight of the body on your head.
  • Now make your body straight. This condition is called the headshipan.
  • You can do this 3 to 5 times.

Health Benefits of Sirsasana-

1.) For Glowing Skin-

While heading you are standing on your head, so while doing this posture, your blood circulation in the body starts downwards, leading to better blood circulation on the face.

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Oxygen is transmitted to the face due to the upside down.Therefore, those who do this asana, their skin becomes shiny.
The wrinkles of the people who do it due to the skin are down and hanging.

It provides your skin soft, beautiful and glowing.

Through its practice, blood flow is good in the face part and nutrient content in the entire front part of the body is properly reached.

2.) For Increasing Memory Power-

Practice this asana increases the blood circulation of the brain, thereby increasing the memory power. Therefore, students should definitely do this posture.

By doing this self confidence increases and fear of any kind comes out of mind.
By transferring the head, the blood circulation is superior to our head, so that your white hair starts getting dark automatically.

The practice of this posture increases blood flow in the head, thereby enhancing memory.

It increases the efficiency of concentration and is helpful in insomnia.

3.) For Digestive System-

By doing this the blood is clean and the digestive system improves.

By doing this yoga, thyroid and mercury thyroid helps in making the endocrine glands healthy and the hormone is secreted properly.

Regulates metabolism and prevents body weight from growing.

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4.) For Nervous System-

Sirsasana strengthens the nervous system.

5.) Sirsasana for endocrine glands:

This posture keeps the pituitary gland healthy and helps in its hormone secretion. Since the headgear is master gland, it regulates all endocrine glands.
For Headachean Digestive System:

6.) Headgear for Healthy Liver:

This yoga is beneficial in diseases of the liver and spleen.

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