Best Yoga Poses for Migraine.

5 Yoga Poses for Migraine:

Headache has become a common problem in today's time. That is almost every person.
Thinking of someone more, staying in stress, doing all day work, not taking proper diet, due to not getting fresh oxygen in the body etc. causes headache problems. Always with this problem,takes the form of migraines.

People use medicines to treat migraine problem.These medicines get relief for some time. But this disease does not end with the root.You need to regularly do yoga to eliminate this disease from the root. Regularly doing yoga, you will get rid of migraine problem in a few days. This yoga will benefit in all diseases related to migraine, sinus, and brain related problems and also calm down your mind.

Yoga for Migraine.
Yoga for Migraine

Yoga for migraine-

1-Adhomukh Swanasana:

Adhomukh Swanasana enhances blood circulation in the brain. And relieves headache.

Yoga for Migraine.

How to do this:

  • To do this stand up for knees.
  • Now keep your hands on the floor.
  • Now spread the legs in V shape, giving all the body weight on hands.
  • Keeping the spinal cord straight
  • Drag the upper part of the body upwards.
  • Come to normal stage after staying in this state for 1 minute.

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2-Prasarita Padottanasana:

This makes your brain fresh with easy oxygenated blood. This posture is one of the best rugs to get relief from migraine. 

Yoga for Migraine.

How to do this:

  • Stretch the legs straight by spreading at 3 to 4 feet.
  • Legs should be standing on the ground. Keep breathing deeply.
  • Keep the spinal cord straight while breathing. Spread hands to the head.
  • Leaning down from the waist to the bottom.
  • Keep the spinal cord straight.
  • Place the palms on the ground in the front of the shoulder.
  • While breathing, press hands on the ground. If your hands reach the legs, then hold the toes and pull them inwards.
  • While Breathing, stretch the hands towards the front and lift up slowly.
  • Take the hands down while leaving the breath.


This is also called child pose. It is easy to be considered very suitable. Which removes the tension.
During this posture you will feel a slight strain in your hip, thighs and ankles. This asana will calm the mind and free you from stress and fatigue.

Yoga for Migraine.

How to do this:

  • Sit on your ankles. Keep the heels on the totals.
  • Bend forward and place forehead on the ground.
  • Keep hands on both sides of the body, moving forwardwards on the ground. Hold the palm toward the sky.
  • Slowly pressure the thighs from the chest to gently.
  • Stay in this situation for some time.
  • Get up slowly and sit on the heel.
  • Slowly straighten the spinal cord. Then relax.


Janushirshasana is also called 'Mahamudra'. Janu means 'knee'.This keeps digestion better and improves blood circulation.

Yoga for Migraine.

How to do this

  • Sit in Dandasan.
  • Turn the right foot and place the toes with the thighs.
  • Keep the heel bracketed from the middle part of the anus.
  • Then hold the toes or thumb of the left foot with both hands.
  • Taking out the breath, bend your head to the knee.
  • After a brief stay,get up while taking breath.
  • Now repeat this action with the left foot too.


Hastpadasana energize the nervous system This posture enhances blood circulation and relaxes the mind. It cures pain in the waist. The stomach strengthens the inside and makes the face beautiful.

Yoga for Migraine.

How to do this

  • first of allget together the two legs. 
  • Then take the hands closer to the head and bend down comfortably downwards.
  • The whole body weight should be on both legs.
  • Leave the breath and place the head near the knees.
  • Both hands should be touched on the floor.
  • After a brief stay,get up while taking breath.

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