How to Reduce Your Cholesterol?

How to Reduce your Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is very beneficial for our body. It is a body-like substance that provides energy to the cells. 
Cholesterol is very important for the body's function to run smoothly. But increasing the cholesterol causes many problems. Growing of cholesterol leads to problems like heart disease, obesity, and if the amount of cholesterol increases in heart patients then the risk of heart attack increases. The level of cholesterol should always be controlled.

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How to reduce your Cholesterol?

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Tips to Control your Cholesterol- 

1-Reduce Obesity - 

If you have too much weight, then control it. Especially reduce your waist fat. You can join the sports aerobic class or gym for this. Doing this will increase the level of your good Cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol.


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2- Quit smoking - 

Smoking breaks inside the arteries. Cigarettes contain carcinogens and carbon monoxide. Which increases the level of early cholesterol in the blood. Smoking results in bad cholesterol levels and good cholesterol decreases. Therefore, you should quit smoking habit.

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3- Eat Spinach - 

Include spinach in your food. In the spinach greens, 13 flavonide elements are found. Thereby avoiding cancer heart disease. So if cholesterol is big, eat half a cup of spinach daily. This reduces the risk of heart attack.

4- Eat Fish- 

Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids. Which naturally keeps heart disease away from high cholesterol and stroke. It enhances the level of good cholesterol. If you do not eat fish now, you can eat nut, soyabeen and sesame oil in its place.

5- Eat less fat - 

Reduce saturated fat and leave the translation. For this, you should avoid eating the yellow egg, fried food, fat milk and its products etc. Eat saturated fats only up to 20 grams daily. 6- Exercise regularly- Use a habit of regular exercise. Exercise at least 4 days a week Exercise reduces cholesterol levels. So make sure to regularly write at least 40 - 60 minutes.

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