What is Yoga-Nidra(Sleep Yoga)? Method and Benefits.

Yoga-Nidra(Sleep Yoga)

Yoga is very simple and fruitful process of Yoga. Everyone is familiar with the self-reliance to relax the body. Shavsana is easy to see but difficult to do. Yoga nidra is done for half to three hours. Yoginidra(Sleep Yoga) is more advanced and more fruitful than breathing. Inhalation and half-hour Yoga sleep, if these two are compared with each other, then Yoganidra(Sleep Yoga) is many times better than Shavasana.

Shavasana is the early stage of sleep. This is the next step in Yoganidra. It has been proved by experience that Yoganidra is far more effective than Shavasana

Yog Nidra Benefits.

How to do Yoga Nidra:

Yoga During the practice of sleep, if it is resolved that 'my disease will be cured soon', then this will be proved very soon by the power of the mind.

The process of yoga sleep continues for 40 to 45 minutes.
In this period man's body and mind are in a very loosely state.

Yognidra should be used to calm down the atmosphere. Choose a private room for yognidra from where there can be no voice of  during yognidra.

Voice coming from outside can cause obstruction in sleep.

Air should not be fast in the room but be aware that the room may not even be closed.

The ground should be flat on it and it should be done by putting mat on it.

Yoga is done by blinding the eyes. Keep the light in the room slow. The bright light stimulates the brain and the mind does not concentrate in yognidra.

Yognidra reduces the temperature of the body so it is advisable to wear a thin sheet on the whole body.

You Should wear loose cloth during yognidra.

Do not do yognidra after eating.

Yoga should be dampened after 3 hours of eating.

Choose a certain time daily to sleep yoga as the mind and body are ready for the yoga pudding at the same time each day.

While sleeping, the body becomes very relaxed due to which sleep is likely to occur. If there is a sleep, there is no harm but it does not get benefit of Yoganidra. That is why keep in mind that sleep does not come.

We must warn the mind in advance. There will be some difficulty in the initial condition of yognidra, but due to regular practice, there will be no difficulty in yognidra. There will be many types of thoughts in mind while sleeping yoga. Ideas will also come against our will and yoga will hinder sleep. Fighting these thoughts is the best way to ignore them. By not contemplating these ideas, it will gradually decrease and after some time it will not come into mind.

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Benefits of Yog Nidra:

  • Yognidra benefits all types of patients. Due to the use of power in Yoga nidra, this power is used to treat the patient's basic disorders. Mental strength is also reduced due to mental stress due to the physical strength of the patient due to disorders and suffering. 
  • Yoganidra reduces tension in sleep, it saves energy and this same power naturally helps to cure the disorders of the patient, that is, Yognidra helps in removing the disease indirectly. 
  • In some people, Yognidra is used to remove direct disorders. Physical and mental stress is the cause of the patient. If the patient practices yoga, then stress will be reduced. Yoga sleep has a direct benefit in many diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia.

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