Healthfull Diet for Asthma Patient.

Diet for Asthma Patient

Asthma is a serious disease in which the patient has a lot of trouble breathing. In this disease, the tract tube becomes narrow. It is difficult for patients to breathe.

Patients with asthma have to face difficulties even during the change in the weather. If you are suffering from asthma, and you are treating asthma, but there is no proper benefit, then this information is very important to you. Here is the information about diet plan for asthmatics patients.

diet for asthma patient.

Diet Plan of Asthma Patient:

Your Diet During Asthma-

1.) Cereals: Old Rice, Wheat, Barley
2.) Dal: Moong, Masoor, Arhar
3.) Fruits and vegetables: gourd, pearl, pumpkin, bitter gourd, spinach, cauliflower, carrot, brinjal, bathe, tomato, seasonal green vegetables, papaya, sweet potato, apple, berries, mangoes, strawberries.
4.) Others: Juice, asparagus, sunflower, almonds, barley, cinnamon, stem, pepper, peppi, honey, lukewarm water, garlic.

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Diet Plan for Asthma Patient:

In the morning during the treatment of asthma, drink 1-2 glasses of lukewarm water, empty stomach.
Before breakfast, drink Patanjali's Avla and Aloe Vera juice.

Time and Diet Plan-

Breakfast (8:30 AM)

1.) 1 Cup milk with Patanjali Haridraband

2.) 3 health biscuits.
3.) Patanjali's health porridge (salted) / poha / upma Sprouted grains.
4.)  2-3 roti (mixed grain flour)
5.) 1 bowl green vegetables (boiled)

6.) 1 plate fruit salad (apple, jamun, mango, strawberry, papaya)

Day Meal (12: 30-01: 30 PM)

1.) 1-2 thin roti (mixed grain flour)

2.) 1 bowl green vegetables (boiled)

3.) 1 bowl mung dal

4.) 1 plate salad

Evening Snacks (05: 30-06: 00 PM)

1.) 1 cup Patanjali divine drink
2.)  2-3 Patanjali Health Biscuits
3.) 1 glass of cloves
4.) 3-4 Retention
5.) 4-5 Dates/ vegetables soup

Dinner (7: 00-8: 00 PM)

1.) 1-2 thin roti (mixed grain flour)
2.) 1 bowl green vegetables (boiled)
3.) 1 bowl of pulse (moong, tur, mixed)

30 Minute before Sleeping

1.) Patanjali Haridradha Powder with 1 glass of milk.


  • If the patient is habituated to tea then 1 cup Patanjali can give divine drink instead.

Food to Avoid for Asthma Patients-

1.) Cereals: New Rice, Maida
2.) Dal: Urad, peas, gram, chickpea gram.
3.) Fruits and vegetables: Potatoes and other tubers, mustard greens
3.) Other: Foods that produce dust, smoke, burning sensation, fish, excessive amounts of oil, betel nut, cold food, stale food, contaminated water, cooked food, fried foods full of digested food
4.) Strictly refuse: oil, fish, ghee, more salt, bakery products, junk food, fast food canned food.

How to control asthma-

1.) Do not smoke.

2.) Do not eat before digesting food previously eaten.

3.) Do not exercise excessively.

4.) Anger, fear, horror, do not worry.

5.) Do not sleep in the day.

6.) Do not stop sneezing, urination, thirst, etc.

7.) Avoid rain-cold and dust-filled places.
8.) Do not stay in more cold and more humid environments.

9.) Exit the mask after leaving the house.

10.) Avoid getting into the haze during the winter season.

11.) Avoid fresh paint, insecticide, spray, incense, mosquito coil, smoke, fragrant perfume.

12.) Stay away from smokers.

13.) Points to be taken care of in asthma.

Remember in Asthma Disease-

(1) Do practice meditation and yoga everyday.

(2) Must be fresh and light hot food.

(3) Let the food slowly, calmly, positively and happily in the quiet place.

(4) Make food three to four times.

(5) Do not skip meals at any time, and avoid excessive diet

(6) fast once a week.

(8) Chew the food well and eat slowly.

(9) Take a meal for 3-5 minutes after eating.

(10) Before sunrise [5:30 - 6:30 am] wake up.

(11) Clean teeth twice daily.

(12) Get involved everyday.

(13) Take a walk after taking a meal.

(14) Sleep at the right time [9-10 PM] at night.

Yoga for Asthma-

You can do yoga and asana to get relief from asthma.

1.) Yoga Pranayama and meditation: 

Bahya Pranayama,
Anholom vilom, 
Bhramari pranayama
Ujjayi pranayama
Pranav chant
2.) Asana: 


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