Best Yoga Poses for Immune System.

Yoga for Immune System

In modern lifestyles, the effect of our wrong diet affects our body's immune system.
In the case of weak resistance, our body is unable to cope with diseases.

In improving the body's immune system, our food is also important, and exercise and yoga also play important roles in this work.

There also have some pranayama and asana, which prove to be very helpful in increasing immunity. By 10 to 15 days, exercising of them seems to benefit.

Yoga for Immune System.

Let's know about some such Yogas-

1.) Pashchimotanasana:

How to do-

  • Sit on flat ground.
  • Keep the waist straight, keeping both legs straight.
  • Raise both hands together while filling deep long breaths.
  • Breathing forward, bow down and try to hold the toes with hands. As easily as possible, bow down and try to touch the forehead knee.
  • Stay in this situation for two to three minutes easily.
  • Keep breathing normal and keep focus on body stretching and pressure.
  • Now, the way the Asana was started, finish the asana from the opposite order.


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2.) Dhanurasana-

How to do-

  • Laying on the abdomen, hold the ankle from the right to the right and the left ankle with the left hand.
  • Raise both legs and thighs from front and back to the chest and shoulders, filling deep and long breaths.
  • Then move the legs in the direction of the sky and leave the breath normal.
  • Practice this asana for 3 to 5 minutes starting from one minute.
  • Keep meditation in the asana at the navel center and feel heartbeat in the navel like heart.

3.) Sarwangasana:

How to do-

  • Lie down on the back
  • Then lift your legs and waist upwards with the help of both of your hands.
  • In this situation all the weight of the body will be on both shoulders and heads.
  • In this situation, keep the head and neck in a straight line, do not try to turn right or left.
  • Practice this asana for 3 to 5 minutes.

4.) Halasana:

How to do-

  • While living in a state of totalization, try to scrub both feet on the ground behind the head.
  • The highest pressure in the body will be on the neck and shoulders and the stretch will be experienced in the reed bone.
  • There will be pressure on the thyroid gland for a while.
  • Keep the speed of breathing normal.
  • In this situation, try to stop yourself for about 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Then slowly come back to the former position.
  • Take the two hands on the ground to come to the pre-condition and gradually bring the waist, buttocks, and feet to the ground in an intimate manner.
  • Turn the neck from right to left 5 to 10 times, causing no stretch or pressure in the neck.

4.) Kapalbhati Pranayama:

How to do-

  • Keeping the waist in this pranayama straight, keep both hands on the knees in knowledge posture. Slowly try to breathe out of the nose.
  • Keep in mind that the sound of breathing does not come, but the inhalation of breathlessness comes at a fast pace.
  • Like the sound of sneezing, in the same way this pranayam also gives a loud sound.

5.) Bhastrika Pranayama:

How to do-

  • In this pranayam, breathing is to be done in and out in fast speed.
  • Keeping the stomach inside while breathing inside and breathing while leaving your breath.
  • This pranayama purifies the lungs and it also receives much strength.

6.) Ujjai Pranayama:

  • Keep your cervical intimate muscles harder while taking deep and long breathing through the nose.
  • Feel the vibrations while breathing and leaving.
  • Keep in mind that the action of breathlessness is to be done only by nose.

With the focus on catering, practicing these activities continuously for 15 to 20 days, your body's immune system will be very strong.

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