18 Healthy Tips for Rainy Season. Precautions to be taken during Rainy Season.

Healthy Tips for Rainy Season:

Expert Advise /There are two major causes of diseases in the rainy season, the first - the increase in the number of bacteria and viruses, and the second - the ability to fight against diseases of the body.
It can be stopped by changing the food. Take things in the diet that strengthen the body and increase the ability to fight diseases.

Healthy Tips for Rainy Season

Precautions to be taken during Rainy Season: 

Monsoon Foods:

Know What to Eat and Do not Eat in Monsoon-

1.) Avoid drinking buttermilk, lassi, juice in the rainy season, there is a high risk of bacterial growth. And there may be problems related to stomach.
2.) Eat cooked vegetables in steam instead of raw vegetables in salad.
3.) Avoid taking leafy vegetables such as cabbage, spinach and cauliflower.
4.) Instead of tea, add turmeric milk and basil decoction.
5.) Include in low-water vegetable diets
6.) Eat vegetables such as bitter gourd in the monsoon, wherein the quantity of water is reduced.
7.) Also avoid eating those vegetables which are not of this season.
8.) Avoid taking more tea and coffee. Do not take more tea or coffee. Boil the basil leaves in the water and drink it. They protect against infection and increase the ability to fight diseases.
10.) Avoid outdoor food in monsoon because it keeps the risk of bacterial and virus infections more.
11.) Drink boiled water to prevent infection. Do not leave drinking water in this season, boil 10-12 glasses of water daily and drink it. This helps to prevent infection in the throat, especially.
12.) Sour ginger-garlic soup.
13.) Drink hot soup to complete water shortage and increase immunity. Use ginger and garlic in them. These will strengthen digestion. 14) Drink herbal tea at the place of tea.
15.) Vitamin-C will increase the immunity of the fruits. Include vitamins-containing fruit such as lemon, seasonal, pear, orange and tomatoes in the diet. They work to increase immunity.
16.) Eat a handful of dried fruit.
17.) Take a handful of dry fruit every day or a day. They contain antioxidants, which increase the ability to fight diseases, they also get essential nutrients.
18.) Do not eat spice meal, it enhances allergy. Those who have skin allergies, especially avoid this, seasoning and pistachios in this season. The more spicy food enhances body temperature and blood circulation. Which works to enhance allergies.

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