Benefits of Vrikshasana.


Vrikshasana is a seat to balance it. Its status is like a tree. Not like the tree cycle then foot root may seem like, legs are like timber, Arms and fingers are like branches and leaves. The size of the tree From the habit of this posture, the condition of the tree becomes like a tree. That is why it is called Vrikshasana.

Benefits of vrikshasana.
Benefits of vrikshasana.

Let's follow the steps to do Vrikshasana-

Initial condition -

  • Standing feet should be raised Look at the side and side of both arms and see the front.
  • Turn Off The right foot should be as high as possible to the left thigh (the heel upwards and the paw downwards).
  •  Balanced your left foot, your two arms to take on the head with connecting the hand's paws like (Namaskara position). 
  • In this situation remain 10-15 seconds.


Back in pre-condition -

  • Next to the body, both the arms are brought down.
  • Bring down the right foot.
  • Repeat this whole process.

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Remember the following statements -

  • It should be considered that your view in the front of the fixed point.
  • Try to keep your whole body balanced in one leg.
  • Do not turn your body in the extreme.  


Benefits of Vrikshasana:

  • This condition will be helpful in determining the concentration of students.
  • It is help to improve blood circulation.
  • It improves the body's balance and coordination.

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