Padmasana(Lotus Pose) Steps,Benefits and Preacautions.

Padmasana(Lotus Pose)

The word Padmasana is composed of two words Padam and Asana. Padam kamal means meaning The position of sitting in this seat is like a lotus. It is a posture of meditation. Padmasana is an asana in which the shape of the body is similar to the lotus. That's why this seat was named Padmasana. This seat is also called 'Lotus Pose'. This posture is the only way to sit in meditation. By doing this asana, the body gets many benefits.

lotus position benefits.
Padmasana(Lotus Pose)

Padmasana(Lotus Pose) Steps: 

Let's Follow the Steps to do Padmasan-

  • First sit down on yoga mat on the floor.
  • Fold the right leg slowly and place the right foot on the left thigh near the pelvic bone.
  • The right shoulder should be pressurized on the bottom of the stomach.
  • Carefully fold the left foot and keep it on the right thigh.
  • Place the heel in the position of pressure on the lower part of the stomach.
  • Create knowledge position with your hands. To make knowledge position, fold the index finger and join its end to the tip of the thumb. Keep the remaining fingers straight.
  • Put the hands on the knees in the knowledge position. Keep the body straight and keep this condition for some time.
  • Now close your eyes and slowly take light breath.
  • Now, to come to the previous position, remove the left foot from the thigh and then remove the right leg and come to the initial position.

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Remember the following points-

  • In the extreme condition the knee should be touching the floor.
  • Keep the head and spine straight and keep shoulders relaxed.
  • Keep the arms loose in the extreme condition.
  • In the extreme condition do not bend forward or backward.


Benefits of Padmasana(Lotus Pose)-

  • This asana gives peace to the mind and prevents the mind from wandering.
  • Regular practice of this posture keeps blood pressure under control.
  • By doing this, the spinal cord becomes straight, flexible and strong.
  • By the practice of Padmasana the intellect increases and stability comes in the mind.
  • Those who want to get rid of stress, benefit from doing this easy.
  • If you want to make neck and spinal cord stronger and flexible, then do Padmasan.
  • The person who wants to reduce the fat and waist fat, they should practice it regularly.
  • Padmaasan Yoga practice enhances memory and thinking power.
  • This posture is useful for concentration and memory.
  • This posture is useful for digestion.
  • It stretches the muscles of the legs and brings flexibility in the legs.


  • The Persons who suffering from knee pain or injury or sciatica,do not do this posture.
  • Those who are troubled by any swelling in the body, do not do this posture.
  • Those people who have trouble with headache, osteoarthritis, do not do this posture.

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